Saturday, May 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap - Vikings & more Vikings!

Erm...  what?!   Sorry, did you say something?

Super Bowl!

It's been all Vikings all the time this week  First off Minneapolis, Minnesota won the bid to host the NFL's Super Bowl LII in 2018 that will be played in the Minnesota Vikings' spiffy new stadium set to open in 2015.  One obviously has everything to do with the other, and I don't feel one bit sorry about New Orleans not winning their 11th SB bid in a row.  So even if they can't field a winning team, at least they can have one come over to visit.

Proof that the Vikings do show up just about everywhere except for at the Super Bowl.

With Regrets

Over our time in the hobby we all tend to buy and sell stuff over the years as minis come and go, new projects are started while others are abandoned.  Mostly with no regrets... mostly.  Probably my biggest regret hobby-wise was striping and selling off my Wargames Foundry Viking army that I had painted up in 2002 for Warhammer Ancients and the odd skirmish battle (See HERE, HERE, & HERE)

I was never quite satisfied with that original paint job especially since I had used the very bright line of Citadel paints, where the other two main local Viking armies were painted in a more muted gritty style using Vallejo.  With the death of Warhammer Ancients and really any type of Dark Age gaming, these figs became less and less of a priority, sitting unused in the cabinet for years 

Then came unemployment and starting an eBay store.  My other unpainted Foundry models had always sold like hot cakes, and my Vikings were always my emergency strategic reserve if I needed a good chunk of money really quick (or so I thought).  That day actually came a few months before I created this blog.  The emotional and physical taxing stripping process took almost 2 weeks, and then with everything organized back to their original blisters they hit eBay with a thud.  I had to keep marking them down to get anything to sell, and in the end I was almost giving them away.

Things started to turn around a bit and I started this blog.  Soon afterwards I discovered the Hail Caesar rules and then Saga was released.  Saga was literally all over the blogosphere haunting me.  I pretty much owned the entire WF Viking line, so I could have hand picked my favorite models and still sold the rest...  had I known... had I known.  (Sigh.)


 Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!  Lot's o' Vikings!!!!

Well, redemption finally came last December when I stumbled upon a couple great deals on eBay and I quickly pulled the trigger.  With few more blisters from Wargames Foundry I now not only have enough for a couple of Saga warbands, but for a Hail Caesar army as well.  THE SONS OF ODIN ARE BACK BABY!!!!!

(Insert squealing guitar or war horn if you prefer...)

Sorting out the first warband.

Future Sagas

If fellow local blogger Monty (from Twins Cities Gamer) and his plethora of wonderful warbands for Saga wasn't enough motivation to get going, my buddy Eric (See his Vikings in those skirmish battles above) has been busy re-basing his figs as well as building terrain boards (More on that below).  Along with a number of other local gamers that have been getting in to Saga lately.

 Few more toys on the way!

The Vikings from WF are fun and relatively easy to paint, so they seem like the perfect short term (one warband) to get my painting mojo going again.  The last time I painted these models I went on a tare for the next 8 months having the most productive painting stretch of my life (Then I moved).  So hopefully the magic works twice as I'd like to surge on my Prussians and a few terrain projects over the next few months.  (Watch this space!) :-)

Eric's New Saga Boards

As mentioned above, Eric has been busy lately, and the Weekend Wrap is the perfect place pass on his latest coolness.  I'll give my blabbing a rest for bit a simply share the verbiage and some pics from his Google+ post for you to enjoy.

Vikings & Saga Gaming boards

Well I finally have my two 4x4 gaming boards complete and all 120 of my Vikings switched to round bases for Saga and Hail Caesar.  

The water was fun to make. I made the waves with Mod Podge (looks like PVA glue) and then left to dry. The next step is a layer of Envirotex Lite resin to coat the water with a hard shell.

Now that I have some new boards to play on I can start using more of my terrain for different games.  Spring is in full swing and it's time to go a viking.  So now my Jarl needs just needs some ships...

Viking Swords

Finally, if all that wasn't enough Viking inspiration for one day, and with no Lagertha to guide us until Season 3, I do have a pretty interesting video on Viking swords and trying to recreate one.  Well worth it if you're into that type of thing.



  1. Fantastic battle board, and Vikings! Seems like a natural, this deep into Viking territory.

  2. Love the battle boards, fantastic water effect! Need to find a suitable Lagertha fig! She would be a bonus to any Viking army!!

    1. I'm actually going to try to convert my own. :-)

    2. Well, If you succeed, I will need to know how!

  3. A superb post and full of eye candy that terrain is exquisite

  4. Excellent post, the battle boards is stunning! Love the paint job and water effects too...

  5. As a scandinavian I can't congratulate you more on an excellent choice of subject for the post! :D Great paintjob too. And a nice looking board. The water effect especially looks amazing

  6. Jason: It must've been both painful and frustration to have had to sell of your beloved WF Vikings - and then to buy the same figures when proper rules appeared again. Your terrain, particularly the water, is stunning - indeed masterpieces. Looking forward to seeing you Viking army once again conquering the less fortunate! Best, Dean

    P.S. Nothing personal, but I have to stick with the local team - Seahawks!

  7. Now that is one helluva gaming table. Love what you've done with the water effects as well, that's something special!

    A word of warning though; SAGA is highly addictive!

  8. Excellent post Jason. I too have a bit of a thing for the Dark ages vikings etc..., probably from my north east English roots and love of MiddleEarth... though have yet to build an army for period. For the time being, I will indulge my interest with Rohan and Dunlending offerings :-) Sorry to hear of your woes with past ebay sales, thankfully I have yet to regret any sales I have made, but you never know... Glad to hear you scored a deal and can start afresh. That terrain board is awesome - I just ordered some Envirotex myself to do similar stuff - for Amon Hen board, and to finish my Watcher Board. Looking forward to seeing more progress on this from you.

  9. Vikings.....what's not to like and they have been one of my most used armies I own. Glad to see you recovered most your figures.

    I'm originally from Minn. and a long suffering Vikings fan(when I get the chance to watch it here) so it's great to hear they will get to host the super bowl.....heck they might even win one!

    The water effect is superb btw!


  10. Thanks for giving my work some extra light Jason and thanks for the compliments guys. I'm excited that Jason has vikings back on the painting block! So many cool projects and games to come.


  11. Thanks guys, I'm glad you enjoyed the post!


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