Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Fellas of the Bling

My friend Chris (More about him below) is currently deployed with the Army in Afghanistan, so I thought I'd start raiding his photos and share a few of them here from time to time.  In the last year or so he completed a number of miniature and terrain projects, but we'll start off with his Lord of Rings stuff first.  Hopefully I'll get him to chime in down in the comments section.  ;-)

First off is his very lovely Fellowship of the Ring minis.  As you can see, the bases are done in an Autumn theme that he started using with his Elf warbands/army.  They look good here, but they really are nice with his matching color scheme he did for the Elves.  That will have to wait for another post though...

Here we have Mayor Aragorn and Comrade Boromir.  :-)  A more brown than usual Aragorn, the green blanket roll (or whatever) does standout a bit, but with the basing done it helps tie him together with the rest of the group.

I really like the deep blue Chris has used on Boromir especially with the dark red choice.  Awesome detail on the shield, but it does remind of something from the "Red Army."

Grey or white, it's a challenge to make Gandalf look that interesting, but Chris's choices here have pulled it off.  Together with the blue sword (just like in the books) and stone on top of his staff, it all comes together rather nicely.

Frodo and Sam, you really can't picture these two separately can you?  I wish there wa a little more color to Frodo, but the details on both are great.  Especially on Sam's backpack, which don't show up too well in these pics.  Also, fine job on the faces of these wee little guys.

Probably my favorite of the bunch is Gimli.  Like Frodo above, Chris has gone more brown than red to help match his overall Autumn scheme.  I like how Gimli's beard turned out too.  Sometimes with the red it's a little too much, but it complements the brown and gold here very well.  Also, some added detail/swirls on cuffs, etc. add a lot.

Legolas is a bit bright for me (at least in the pic), but again as a group with the jackets, blanket rolls, and grass contrasting with the Autumn browns and reds, I can see what Chris is doing here.  Chris also uses his freehand "swirl" technique that he perfected on his Eldar and Wood Elves.  You can see the swirls used throughout the Fellowship here and there.  Just the right amount so it's not overdone.

Finally we have the other two hobbits, Merry and Pip.  Again the colors choices help them pop a bit, but also keep 'em a little subdued.  The swirls are nice touch on Pip's cape too.  Making a group of characters look good together can be a challenge, but I think Chris has pulled it off nicely.  Good stuff! :-)

Major Chris Foreman is my very good friend that I've known since college in the early 90's.  He's the one I blame for all my woes introducing to and getting me into all things Games Workshop.  He spotted me one day before class looking over a Napoleonic miniatures catalog, and the next thing I know I'm checking out Orcs, Space Marines, and White Dwarfs up in his dorm room.

As roommates the next year, he helped me first learn to paint and build terrain.  As I mentioned above, I plan on sharing more of Chris's stuff in time, but you can also check out his Google+ account HERE.



  1. Great painting, I do like all the little flourishes he's added. The swirls are perfect for Legolas.

  2. Lovely work, thanks for showcasing this.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I'll second Monty's comment on Legolas too.

  4. Extremely lovely and detailed work!

    Wishing Chris and everyone deployed with him a safe ToD!!!

  5. Now they're a bit good! Fabulous colours and I adore the free hand work.

  6. Nice painting and nice story. Do you have an idea of my dilemma ?
    I wright it on my blog. I need a Service Dress Reference for Cavalry Regiments of the British Army in India (not Cavalry Regiments of Indian Army) during 1860 - 1914. Do you have some stuff about ?
    Thanks and Greetings


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