Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Fun - The Warhammer 40k Edition

Time for some Friday Fun!

It's almost that time again to kick off our shoes and let down our hair, and maybe even get in some serious hobby time this weekend (Please!).  It's a big weekend for many gamers as the shiny new 7th edition of Warhammer 40k is about to be released (Yay!!) (Groan!!).

Just looking of a good time!

Many hours are about to be spent digesting all the new rules, stats, scenarios, etc., but getting a handle on the massively awesome background fluff in the Grim Dark of the far future is vitally important too.  This week's offering is here to help save you some time so you can get back to figuring out the new best way to table your BFF in four turns.  In the 41st millennium there is only war, but there are a few silly videos as well...



  1. Having never played 40K, I found the backstory...interesting!

  2. 7th Ed? Didnt they just release the 6th?

    1. Yep, 2 years ago. That's what the (Groan!) is for. :-)


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