Thursday, April 24, 2014

Venegence is almost at hand! - Sam Mustafa's Blücher

As fans of Sam Mustafa's rule sets will know, his addition of Blücher to the HONOUR series has been in the works for quite some time.  To those a little less familiar, he has written a number of well received Horse and Musket era rule books including:  Grande Armée, Might and Reason, Lasalle, Maurice, and Longstreet.  Or just check out his website HERE.

I believe Blücher was in development even before or alongside Lasalle, and originally intended to be the next release in the series.  Something caused Sam to go back to the drawing board and scrap the original version.  Even though Maurice and Longstreet were released in recent years, Blücher, like the great man himself, refused to stay down for long.

So we now know Blücher is set to be released sometime in 2015 as the next game in the HONOUR series. Each of Sam's games have had some sort of "gimmick" (for lack of a better word) that set them apart from other period rule sets. I'm not sure what will be Blücher's "thing," but the newsletter described it as "the game of great battles in the Napoleonic Wars." Perhaps it will be set at an operational level or two higher than Lasalle, but the biggest clue might be in the cards... Unit Cards will be included that can be used to play the game entirely without miniatures.

We'll have to wait until 2015 to see what the real deal is. Until then here's a few snippets from the newsletter (below) and more lengthy introductory PDF can be found HERE.

Napoleon Beware:
Blücher is Coming

The New Game From Sam Mustafa

Sam Mustafa Publishing, creator of Grande Armée, Might and Reason, Lasalle, Maurice, and Longstreet, is delighted to announce the next game in the HONOUR series: Blücher, the game of great battles in the Napoleonic Wars.

Blücher will be available in 2015.

Blücher is a tabletop game that can be played with miniatures based to any system, including Grande Armée and Lasalle. (As in G.A., a single large base of figures, of any size, is one "unit" in the game.)


As with all HONOUR games, Blücher's scales and unit sizes will flex to meet the needs of your collection and space.

Alternately, Blücher may also be played with Unit Cards, an ideal solution if you don't yet have any Napoleonic miniatures, or if you want to save time and space. Each card represents one game unit. The HONOUR website will provide free sample cards and a free card template for Do-It-Yourself scenario creators. Professionally printed sets of cards will also be available for sale, with all the units you will need for a famous campaign.



  1. Sam Mustafa and Richard Clarke are my favorite rules authors right now. Each is changing up gaming in ways small and large.

    My kids grew up on Pokemon cards so when I came back to minis and found rules using cards, I was suspicious. Instead, it's brilliant how they use cards to break up IGOUGO and and add unpleasant interrupts and static. They also give you a "resource management" challenge as well. Longstreet was great, and I expect Blücher to be as well.

  2. I'm definitely looking forward to these rules!


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