Saturday, April 19, 2014

Battles in Middle Earth - Of Men, Dwarves, & Elves

Awhile back Eric and I got together for another Lord of the Rings showdown (hoedown?) between Lord Balin's Dwarves and the horses forces of Rohan led by Eomer.  If I remember correctly this was my first game using "The Hobbit SBG" rules, but without any monsters etc. the changes were not that noticeable.  Unfortunately due to the time lapse, this report is more about pretty pictures than battle details.  :-(

We set up a creek with some ruins and placed four objectives for a game using the Domination scenario.  Rohan was not alone however.  This time Eric brought some elves led by Haldir and the wizard Radagast.  The Elves would provide a solid defense of the river and their held objective beyond.  Radagast, when not fleeing from Dwarf Rangers was able to put some timely Binding spells on Balin to help Haldir and Company survive the Dwarf advance.

Deployment plus the first turn had allowed the Dwarves to quickly seize one objective and be within reach of a second.  I'm not sure of the points level (600-750?), but the already sturdy Dwarves would also lean on the strength in numbers (30+) to see them through.  As mentioned above, the Elves were able to grab the far left objective, leaving only the objective located in the ruins on the far right up for grabs.

Eomer and his Riders made a strong push against the Dwarf held objective on the right, and things were going quite well for the first few turns as Rohan held Priority.  The third Dwarf warband split sending aid to Balin and against Eomer.

Eomer split off some of his Riders to support the Elves, but soon felt the tide turn as the Dwarves started to gain the priority and men started to fall under their axes.  The Elves aided by Radagast had no problem holding the river, so Eomer's support ended up being unnecessary and fatally weakened his own attack.

All the Riders together might have quickly overwhelmed the defending Dwarves and then been able to split to support the Elves and try to grab the objective beyond in the ruins.  It was not to be, as the defense 7 Dwarves together with priority on their side became a juggernaut that would inevitably put to ruin all that stood before them.

To wrap up, here are a few shots of Eric's new (back then anyway) recruits.  To me this is one of the things that really adds to the enjoyment of this game and others like it.  With the warband structure to the armies, it's quite easy to whip up an new hero/monster and/or warband over the course of the week or weekend leading up to the battle.  Eric used our upcoming battle to motivate him into painting something new, and I was nicely surprised by the great new minis and also able to face some new foes.  Definitely a win-win.  :-)


  1. lovely AAR and fantastic terrain as always!

  2. Top terrain… check!
    Top minis… check!
    Top report… check!

    Great to have you back Jason!

  3. Not quite an original comment ... but ... beautiful terrain & figures.

    von Peter himself

  4. Excellent looking game, thanks for sharing!

  5. Very pretty pictures - and a great AAR of an oft-neglected game. Really enjoyed that!

  6. That was a pretty awesome game. One of my favorite set ups too. I really like the river valley with statues. My Rohan are my first love but I find time and again they need to be careful around high defense folk. Just because one rides a horse does not mean one is a knight.

    Also, I need more elves ;)

  7. Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed the post!


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