Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Good and The Golden

F#@%IN A!!

I interrupt this regularly scheduled wargaming blog to bring you the return of the NHL!  Despite a tentative deal made over the weekend, my hockey numbness caused by the lockout probably won't subside until I watch a game actually being played, but hey, it's a great way to start the week.  :-)

How does this remotely tie in with miniature wargaming other than the blog author being a hockey fan and the fact that it's my blog and I'll do whatever the...  Well, I tend to watch a lot of hockey (when they're not fighting over money) during the Winter, and when the hockey game is on I tend to do a lot of hobbying.  So yeah...

Congrats boys!

Also over the weekend, Team USA took the GOLD in the IIHF World Junior (under 20) Championship, beating last year's winner Sweden.  I realize that most Americans don't even know this tournament exists, but our neighbors to the north live and breathe by this stuff and a certain team didn't even win a medal this year.  Gee, I'm really... sorry... to hear that...  ;-)

Good weekend for hockey fans and hopefully a boon to my hobby efforts.  :-D


  1. Finally!

    It was a joyful day yesterday when I heard the lockout will end. I've already marked the 19th January in my calendar.


  2. Suggestion New Movie coming out with Kurt Russell about the USA Olympic Hockey team of 1980 (Truely one of the GOLDEN moments in sports history - before the professionals ruined Olympic hockey) Watch that movie 10 times to make up for your lack of Hockey viewing during this last labor dispute. Just a thought!

  3. Indeed good news.Go Habs go!

    btw we lost the tournament on purpose. We keep winning Olympic golds over you guys so we kinda figured we should throw you guys a bone ;-)

    1. Yeah, sacrifice the kids for the greater good... and Crosby had an illegal curve on that stick or something... :-P


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