Friday, December 14, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Storyline

Prof. Tolkien pondering replacing the Ring with a walkie-talkie.

Sunday night, a couple friends and I will be taking in the new Hobbit movie in HFR-3D at some highfalutin ShowPlace ICON theatre.  As the anticipation rises each day, I can't help but think back to when I first watched the animated version as a kid.  With the "The Greatest Adventure" still humming through my head, I wonder how many times Gandalf really does say "Behold!" in that movie.  My thoughts then wander to when I read the book for the first time and truly being introduced to Tolkien's Middle Earth.

 "Behold this!  Behold that!"

That simple world and light-hearted adventure were then shattered when a friend introduced me something called "The Lord of the Rings."  Instantly confused by all these rings and which one was Sauron or Saruman and in what tower.  The silly dwarves and hobbit were now long gone and replaced by a grim new world where everything good and wonderful seem to have been destroyed or lost ages ago.  But I was in Junior High by then and could take things turning darker and grimmer.  My childhood was safe.

 Soul mates?

A nerd childhood can be a fragile thing.  Upset or completely ruined by switching guns for walkie-talkies, making Greedo fire first, giving Optimus Prime lips, making the Baroness Cobra Commander's sister and Duke's fiance, Midi-chlorian counts, etc. etc.  Apparently George Lucas was not the first one to perpetuate such evils on the hearts and minds of adoring fans.  Which brings me to this interesting little article I wanted to share with you today (below) discussing J.R.R. Tolkien going back and changing The Hobbit to fit in with The Lord of the Rings storyline better.  I just wonder if the Professor Tolkien received any letters back in 1951 (when the 2nd Edition was published I believe) crying "You ruined my childhood!"  :-)

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  1. Regardless of the small amount of things I've heard through my clamped ears, I'm still excited for this journey. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I thought the fact that it is opening on the 14th, the same number of members in Thorin's company was pretty neat.

  3. Looking forward to seeing it but with a feeling of skepticism which I didn´t have when the cartoon version came out.
    Reading the stuff about Tolkien changing the story it says his publisher was Stanley Unwinn...the stan the man Unwinn? I can Imagine it now, Tolkien goes in to discuss the book, and Stan says" Are you all sitty comftybold two-square on your botty" :-D

  4. Interesting backstory!

    My son attended the midnight opening with his group all dressed in character. Lots of beards. This is pretty big in our house too.

  5. I have watched it and I have to say it was a very pleasure and visually stunning film.

  6. Nice post mate. Must admit the Hobbit novel started it all for me too, many years ago..., though I have never seen the cartoon version...


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