Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"It's a Major Award. I won it!"

"Fra-gee-lay.  It must be Italian!"

When I first started this blog it was at the tail end of the Stylish Blogger Award making its rounds across the gaming blogosphere.  Despite being nominated back then for that award, I never really accepted the honor since I felt I wasn't around long enough to deserve any such recognition.  My blog is almost a year and a half old now, and although my second year of blogdom has not met my personal goals and standards being a bit spotty this year with life getting in the way, I hope that I've at least contributed something enjoyable and worthwhile back to a community that has inspired me and my hobby many times.

The genesis of this blog started with simple Google image searches.  In turn, I started to bookmark a few inspirational blogs that I had discovered and started to dream about possibly doing the same someday.  Although this blog will always be for my personal motivation first and foremost, I also wanted to create a site that was just as inspirational and enjoyable for others to return to time and time again, just like those first blogs I discovered long ago.  I'm not where I want to be with this blog yet, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit it feels good to be recognized even in a small way by some of my fellow bloggers.

In the same lighthearted manner I approach everything on this blog, I humbly thank my fellow bloggers (those I know about anyway) who nominated Der Feldmarschall for the Liebster Blog Award (Favorite Blog). Each of their sites are worthy nominees themselves, and I heartily encourage you to visit their wonderful blogs if you don't already:

Stefan at  Monty's Caravan, who until recently focused mainly on 20mm WWII, but has boldly marched on into the realms of 28mm Napoleonics (His British are top notch) as well as 28mm WWII for Bolt Action.  Great terrain and battle reports.  A fellow hockey fan, and I think I spotted some Warhammer armies in his display cabinet.  :-)

Colonel Scipio at Colonel Scipio's Palladain Guard,  who along with his excellent Mordian Imperial Guard Army has written ton of his own background fluff, and also games in WWII, Russo-Japanese War, Mordern Warfare, and an alternate South America history setting just to name a few.

Monty at Twin Cities Gamer, who is a fellow Minnesotan and has a wonderfully written and humorous blog featuring his very well painted yet very small (15mm) armies for Field of Glory, Impetus, and Maurice.  Great battle reports and his "Life's Lessons" are always enjoyable reading.

Burkhard at DHC Wargames Blog, is a kindred spirit of mine when it comes to Napoleonics.  His growing collection of French, British, and Prussian miniatures are quite inspiring, and his friendly blog covers a number of periods/games from Dark Ages/SAGA, WWII, Modern, Ancients, ACW, etc. etc.

Basking in the pure joy of it all!

The wargaming blogosphere is truly a joy to be part of and a certainly a great community that makes the world feel so much smaller.  Some might choose to belittle and poo poo such chainletteresque Internet blogger awards, but in their true spirit they exemplify what make our blogging community great:  the desire to share and support, the ability to inspire and teach, and therefore allow others to enjoy our hobby at a higher level than previously imagined.

Like many others, my list of nominations could include most of the sites found in my blog lists in the left hand margin, and it is hard to narrow down the choice to just five.  Nevertheless, the following are five enjoyable and inspirational sites I certainly would recommend any miniature wargamer to visit.

 and the award goes to...

Dean at WAB Corner has grown from his Warhammer Ancient Battles beginnings to expand into a number of periods from Ancients all the way to WWII.  A very talented and VERY prolific painter, Dean's site is certainly one of those inspirational blogs I was referencing with the Google image search story.  Just do a search on 'Perry French" and see what I mean.  His WIP posts are great for learning a trick or two as well.  Certainly one of the Internet "nice guys" that I'd love to link up with at a convention some day.

Von Peter Himself and his Orders of the Day, is another very enjoyable and inspirational blog penned by the aforementioned von Peter.  Always entertaining and humorously well written.  Sadly his current site pales in comparison to the greatness that was his former Apple/iWeb based site, but time heals all wounds.  While he shares my love for Napoleonics and Prussians, his site features a great variety of armies and periods.  Another genuinely nice chap that I'd love have live down the road from me, but sadly he is at the other end of the world where he periodically rubs elbows with the likes of the the Perry Brothers in his lovely battle reports.

Robert at Serrez les Rangs! (one of his many blogs) who also runs the very friendly and supportive Napoleonic gaming forum La BRICOLE.  His West Tokyo Wargamers site also chronicles his local groups efforts on the gaming table.  Lacking local interest here in 28mm historicals/Napoleonics, his site have been a true inspiration and guidance for me with his "build it and they will come" philosophy.  Robert shares my love for Seven Years War as well.  I really have to admit he has won my gamer's heart ever since reading his post here.  Yet another like minded Naopleonic gamer/blogger that I look forward to getting to know and sharing my hobby with across the Interwebs.

Mike's MiniStories is another very enjoyable blog by a very likable chap that like mine has sadly been dormant at times this year.  Although his site offers a number of different periods and topics, his beautifully painted American Civil War Confederate Army is primarily responsible for me going on an ACW spending spree on eBay earlier this year.  Other than being a very talented painter, Mike's battle reports are top notch with great terrain to boot!

Paul at Napoleonics in Miniature mostly features those wee little 15mm guys which are too small for me, but what he does with them is a wonder to behold.  He also features his brother David's stuff from time to time.  Fantastic looking armies and friendly supporter of the Napoleonic blogging community, I hope to continue to take inspiration for my 28mm projects from Paul for a long time to come!

An honorary shout out goes to David at Sole Member of the Napoleonic Connoisseur's Club.  His site has not been active since July, but has beautiful armies and awesome looking battle reports to enjoy nonetheless.  Although it seems he is no longer the sole member of his group in Sweden, he is a kindred spirit to me for forging ahead into Napoleonics while only having mostly Warhammer players as friends.

Thanks again for all the support that has been given to my blog, and be sure to stop by all the fantastic blogs mentioned above.  :-)

Bonus video!  (A Christmas Story - Major Award clip)



  1. Congrats Feldmarschall, well deserved!

  2. Very many congratulations and jolly well deserved! I would certainly echo your sentiments regarding this rather nice niche we've carved out for ourselves in the blogosphere.

    1. I really is a very positive and supportive community to be part of! :-)

  3. Congrats :-D
    I agree with Michael about us modellers/painters/ wargamers carving a niche in the bloggersphere, maybe we should make an award that´s specific to us?

    1. I honestly thought about creating one instead of just passing on the Liebster. Something along the lines of Most Inspirational Blog... :-)

  4. Congratulations, very much deserved and I certainly enjoy every visit here. Thanks for the kind words, nice to read and a good motivation for me to keep posting... Cheers, Michael

    1. Thanks Mike! Funny I just posted on your blog about the award the same time you posted this. :-)

    2. Funny coincidence, you just commented on my blog the same time I was here..Thx again Jason!

  5. Well done Jason!
    Well deserved.
    Like that lamp stand, wondering if I can get one for the gamesroom..hmm..... ;-)

    1. Thanks Scott! Unfortunately lamps like that are only available if you win a Major Award apparently... and wives aren't pushovers like in A Christmas Story. :-)

  6. Very well deserved, Jason. I greatly enjoy your blog and the hard work you put into this shines through.

    I'm looking forward to your Napoleonics project and whatever else comes across your plate. Cheers!

  7. Congrats Jason!
    It was a pleasure to pass the award to you. I couldn't agree more to what you wrote about the blogosphere building bridges all around the world.

    Best regards from good ol' Germany

  8. Congrats Jason!

    (best Christmas movie ever!)

    1. Thanks Iannick, I'm glad you finally stopped by! :-)

  9. Good Job Jason! It's nice to have someone in the area doing a blog. The pictures are treasure enough, especially to an office rat like myself who loves to wander from time to time.

    Congrats again man.

    p.s. super excited to see the Hobbit next week. See you then.

  10. Jason:

    Thank you so much for the kind works about the WAB Corner blog. Much appreciated. Although of late, I haven't posted as much as I would like. Just started on some TAG Song Chinese - hope to get some pics up soon. Season's Greetings to you and yours, Dean

    1. Thanks Dean. Your painting output still puts a lot of us to shame. :-)

  11. Oh, and I forgot to say, "Congratulations!" Well-deserved. Dean

  12. Why thank you Jason … or should I say Der Feldmarschall.

    Congratulations on your award and I am honoured and humbled by your nomination.

    I still harbour thoughts of resurrecting an equivalent to my old apple hosted and iWeb built site. Curse them for changing the rules! I’ve got a domain name locked up, and bought a tool to help me build it. I’ve just got to get off my behind and learn how to do it … and then do it.

    von Peter himself


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