Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Horse, Hand, & Mountains

"Are you sure this is the right tunnel Gandalf?"

Far over Misty Mountains cold,
a cry for help from friendship old.
We must away, ere break of day,
tell Rohan, we're on our way!

Our axes sharp, our armor strong,
The dwarves no more, shall suffer wrong.
We must away! We must away!
With their lives, the Uruk-hai will pay!

This Thursday we'll be fighting a Lord of the Rings battle for my friend Eric's birthday, and he has kindly written a scenario for the occasion. Set in the mountains, the battle will pit the forces of Rohan and Erebor (Eric and I) versus the forces of Isengard (Adam and Alex) with each of us having 600 points to spend on our armies.

The scenario: This is a story of Éomer looking for clues about the White Hand. Grimma has spoken some thoughts foolishly in front of the horselords and now Éomer suspects sorcery and rides south through the White Mountains to investigate the coming and goings of supplies to Isengard. After seeing the slain and discovering the fruits of treachery, Éomer and his best Captain Éogar have turned to race back to Edoras with to deliver this foul news.

The White Hand has sent "emissaries" to meet him at the edge of the mountains and prevent this from happening. Eomer is to NOT make it home.

"No birthday cake for Éomer!"

Luckily for Éomer and Éogar, a Grey Friend has helped direct some traveling Beards to come and bring the aid of their Axes. And not a minute too soon   ~ puffs of smoke...~

Deployment: Rohan sets up first 12" along the short edge. The White Hand then sets up anywhere within 36" of the side.

A Hidden Friend:  On turn two, Gandalf & Company are organized into two forces and enter the board via three possible secret tunnels of the White Mountains. Although Saruman is just as wise as Gandalf and knows of the tunnels, he doesn't know which ones. The forces will roll randomly which tunnel they come out of.

Initial Priority:  Both Players roll D6. The player with the highest result has priority in the first turn. 

The price of failure: spend your birthday with Lurtz!

Objectives:  If Éomer, Captain Éogar or either Rohan Banners make it off the opposite board edge the White hand has lost. Both sides know the consequence of failure and therefore pass all broken tests.

Rulebook:  We're sticking with the old blue LOTR book for this one.

The map below gives a rough estimate of the planned board setup.



  1. Sounds great, look forward to the pics! Nice collection there, are they yours?

    1. Yep, you just need to click on the label "Dwarves"

  2. Looking at the graphic I made, it would appear the top of the mountain terrain pieces look like snow- they are actually grass. Cool effect though.

    Time to go feed and rest my horses. For the Riddermark!

  3. Fantastic, this is our hobby at its best! And now you've left me hanging on for more.

    1. Thanks Monty, hopefully we won't disappoint! :-)

  4. Excellent I look forward to the story unfolding! Will you be using the current LOTR SBG rules or the extra rules from the Hobbit SBG new rule book?

    1. Scott, we're sticking with the old blue book for now. I think Alex might have picked up the new one (so we can try out some of the new rules later), but the rest of us are holding out for now (other projects going on).

    2. Cool. Good to see some LOTR action!

  5. This sound lie a very nice game and I am looking forward to the full report


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