Friday, November 2, 2012

Yeah, but is it Art?

Hobbying in the 41st Millennium...

Well it has been quite a while since my last post in September, and as much as I hate these lame "life's got me down" posts, Life has been kicking my hobby squarely in arse lately.  Personal health as well as helping care for the health problems of my parents (Plus neither can drive right now) along other fun stuff thrown in have effectively conspired to suck any life or enjoyment out my hobby during the Fall of 2012.

Probably my biggest disappointment was my total failure to complete my La Bricole Painting Challenge entry.  (Or give any support to my fellow entrants.)  Every time I set aside time to work on Blucher and the gang, another trip to the hospital, etc. had to be made.  Even when the family drama seemed to finally die down for a bit, those Prussian chaps had been sitting on my desk for so long I didn't even want to look at them anymore.  Either way, be sure you can check out the fine work by some of the other folks on the La Bricole forum here.  Congrats to everyone on their great entries!

 Posting pics of unpainted minis on your blog is not sweet...

Well along came my friend Eric reminding me it is that time of year for our annual Halloween battle and things started to pick up a bit.  (I'll post some nice pictures of our battle on October 28th in a day or two.)  The "Warhammer" distraction actually helped me recock my enthusiasm for my 1813 Prussians.  Both Eric and I hope to get going on our armies in November, so with a little luck I'll have some actual painted stuff to share this month.  :-/

In the meantime looking for a bit of inspiration, I've come across a couple of videos of past Golden Demon Slayer Sword winners (Maybe you've seen them already).  In the absence of any worthy contributions to the gaming blogosphere, I offer up these two videos to you dear reader for your visual entertainment.  Truly these are pieces of miniature art.  Enjoy!

Just amazing in so many ways!

Scary, gross, but certainly amazing!


  1. Life has its way of getting busy, but its nice to know your hobbies are always waiting to welcome you back :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about real life problems my friend, some really mice work by those GW lunatics!

    1. Mice work?? No wonder GW gets away with paying their painter so little... :)

  3. Glad to see you back blogging, life as Paul said, just gets in the way sometimes!!
    I hate watching these kind of clips, it reminds me just how woefully inadequate my painting skills are!!

  4. That is an amazing painted project there but as for the real life stuff, yeah it has that habit of getting in the way and I wish you all the best there.

  5. Everyone has to take a break now and then, especially when you have stuff like that to sort out. Anyway welcome back, looking forward to seeing more stuff as ever :)

  6. sorry to hear if your family health problems Der Feldmarschall. Would have been great to see your big blucher alongside my own wee 1. Look forward to seeing your 1813 Prussians come together!

  7. Just as life seems to treat us all unfairly at times, it also has a habit of surprising us with joy and kindness - hang in there my good man.

  8. Health and family first, no worries about the rest. I hope things balance out so you can have some fun with your RL responsibilities.

  9. I truly hope that the worst is behind you Der Feldmarschall. It's good t see you posting again.

    von Peter himself

  10. Thanks everyone for the kind words and well wishes. You guys make the gaming blogosphere the truly wonderful place it is. :)



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