Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Perry's Plastic Austrians, Future Plans, & Other Thoughts.

Karl Kopinski's box art

Perry Miniatures announced today that their upcoming box of plastic Napoleonic Austrian Infantry will finally be released in late September.  There will be more info soon on their Plastics workbench, but for now we know the box will contain 48 figs and heads with helmets, shakos, and corse-huts for doing Landwehr as well.  The box will include the usual flags, bases, and uniform guide just like their other boxed sets.

WIP Austrians (Germans) in helmets.

I'm a unashamed Perry Fanboy as I've been collecting and painting their lovely sculpts since 1991.  Whether it is Empire, Imperial Guard, or Lord of the Rings from Games Workshop, their figures from Wargames Foundry, or their latest offerings from their own company.  The bulk of my miniature collection has always been Perry brothers sculpts.

WIP Austrians (Germans) in shakos.

I'm not about to post all their latest releases on here, but the Austrians are something I've been waiting for in particular and gives me a chance to reflect on my current and possible future Napoleonic collecting plans.  I'm currently working on a 1813 Prussian army using mostly Perry figs, but I've always wanted to do a pair of armies (French vs ?) from same period/campaign.  I have almost no interest in doing French for 1813-1814 (or 1815), so although the Prussians are definitely one of my favorites, they are a bit of a sideshow.

WIP Austrian wearing corse-hut.

After my initial Prussians are done, I wanted to start working on either French and Russians from 1812 or French and Austrians from 1809.  I've always leaned more heavily towards 1809 because I've always liked the Austrians (and the French of that period) better.  I'd certainly rather do an "army" of Austrians and limit my Russian collection to a brigade+ to march along with my Prussians.  (Note:  A 28mm "army" in my mind is a Division+ but less than a Corps.)
 WIP of the painting guide
Doing 1812ish French would certainly make them more compatible (historically anyway) versus the other three.  I hope to include Poles and Bavarians (brigades at least) in my French army, so that's another consideration.  I have toyed with idea of doing a fictional (Shock!  Horror!) 1810-1812ish campaign set in Poland that includes all my favorite forces.  
 Another recent release:  Prussian Line Infantry in greatcoats.
I honestly don't ever see re-fighting any given historical battle unless I'm invited to bring my minis to join in on one someday.  That leaves 95% of the battles I plan on fighting as fictional scenarios, which also frees me from adhering strictly to any particular order of battle.  I plan using certain OB's as a guide to help form my initial collection, but I will remain free to choose any unit from the same period I'd like to include in my force.

More Prussians in greatcoats.

Well, whether you were interested or not, those are some of my basic thoughts for the future, and a little insight into my philosophy on historical gaming.  At least Napoleonics anyway, where the visuals and having an enjoyable evening gaming with friends trumps all other considerations.  I wouldn't fret as much about my future French if I was collecting in a vacuum, but I've have at least one local friend express interest in building some French as well.  He is currently content (i.e. lazy ;-) ) with following my lead, so making the decision for two seems a bit more complex.

I certainly welcome any of your thoughts, comments, questions, or concerns on my ravings. Either way, thanks for listening.  :-)


  1. I've never had the pleasure of painting Perry but these do look great and their painting guide is brilliant. One reason I may never paint Napoleonics is my impression that the bar is so high. Paint one piping wrong and you get people weighing in to "help." You Napoleonics painters are a brave bunch!

    1. Ha! I've got something special in store for the "Historical Fashion Police." ;-)

    2. I have to say, that I am usually surprised how little fire I actually receive, given the fact, that I have been painting Napoleonics for less then three years! But it is a lot of research!
      Funny thing is... the other week I comented to a friend how much research is actually needed for a simple army like the Prussians to get the details right. He remarked that there are ahrdly any details on the Prussians. So I went on about swordknots, at which he just laughed. But then again... he is only painting 15mm. :-/

    3. It's funny, I thought I had the "simple" Prussians figured out, and then I mentioned on Kawe's blog that I was doing von Horn's 7th BDE to start off with. He replies that it will be interesting to see my take on the Leib RGT with their larger shakos... Larger shakos??!! I've yet to find any reference to this other than the new design started appearing in December 1813 I believe. Can't get everything right though... ;-)

  2. I've always been a fan, my Perry Samurai got out of hand a long time ago...well out of hand but that's the hobby and the love of good figures!

  3. I like their looks although I would have hoped (from the day they announced these and even more so from the day Victrix released theirs about a year ago) that the brothers would shift to Hungarian infantry for their plastics. Sure there were not as many regiments, but I would have loved to be able to do either in plastic.

    Regarding choices... I would just paint what you like. The Russian campaign with the high numbers of Rheinbund states involved and the 1813 campaign can give you lots of options for historical scenarios where the French side features lots of Bavarians, Saxons, Poles.... So historical scenarios would not be out of the question either!

    1. Although I would like to do a side by side comparison, there's something about the posture of the Victrix Austrians that seems off to me. A little hunched maybe? Or that the torso seems longer than it should be. Personally I have no problem picking up the Perry metals for my Hungarians, but you're right the option would of been nice.

      With starting with the Prussians, I'm definitely doing what I like first. If I did what made sense and was more conservative about it I would only do Austrians and French. Thanks for your input.

      Just some more thoughts on the matter... For now I'll see where my collection leads me and base the games I play on the figs available. I don't want to ever limit myself solely on the forces/OOB of a particular historical battle/action.

      I guess if I had someone locally who was willing to paint up a proper 1812-1814 French Army and run with it I wouldn't worry too much about the future stuff. But I'll probably have to paint up the bulk of both sides to finally get the chance to play. When I finally paint up my own Napoleonic French, I don't want to collect an army with a bunch of Marie-Louises and a shortage of cavalry (which I LOVE lots of).

      For now I'll just stick to my original plan of working on my Prussians, and THEN this bear will go over the mountain to see what he can see... :-)

  4. There is no question that the Napoleonic era remains a constant lure, but I share much of the apprehension raised by Monty. That said I am finding myself drawn towards skirmish type games set in the Peninsular.

  5. I have never painted Perry's minis, m scale is 15mm, but your post is really impressive...as Rodger, I would say "very tempting".
    I'll add : great blog too!

  6. I suppose we need a get together day and talk about ordering stuff.

    I'm not Lazy,... I'm... busy or something. ;)

    1. Well, at least I know you read the post... :-P


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