Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tales from the Workbench - 40k Fortifications

I spy with my little eye... Mordians, Prussians, and FORTIFICATIONS!!
The 6th Edition of Warhammer 40k is due out VERY soon, and while I was beavering away at getting my Imperial Guard battle ready, I couldn't help but think of some of the rumors surrounding this impending Games Workshop release.

One such rumor is that a "Fortifications" choice will be added to the Force Organization Chart allowing you to purchase a piece of terrain along with your army for pretty much any mission you play.  The rumors also suggest that the choices will mirror quite closely the current terrain/scenery products available from GW.

Most of the guys I like to play locally are into playing with a themed terrain set up for our games, such as a Ork junkyard.  Just a few days ago, a friend and I were thinking how lame it would be if an opponent would wreck said "themed" terrain by plopping down an Imperial Bastion in their deployment area.  Other than random silly thoughts on how someone could actually drag or air drop such a fortification into the battle, we both agreed that we might be ignoring this particular rule for the most part.

As I'm not into the tournament scene, pretty much any game I play is going to include whatever my opponent and I agree upon before the game: scenario, points, special characters, allies, etc. etc.  Obviously fortifications are part of that mix as well, and I found myself digging around for some old GW terrain long neglected in my garage.  What I found is the two pieces pictured on the workbench above.

Now I think these two would fit the bill nicely of what my Imperial Guard could set up rather quickly under combat conditions, using the wreck of one of their Chimera APCs to create a defensive position.  These two pieces certainly couldn't take the place of a Fortress of Redemption, but painted up nicely to match my army they certainly should be able to stand in for some barricades or even an Aegis Defence Line.  I think it would be easy to whip up some similar terrain that looks more hastily constructed than some ancient Imperial building/relic appearing out of nowhere in the middle of your Chaos Deathworld board. :-)


  1. Quite the variety of projects you have going on. I've never played 40K, but the terrain looks good. Best, Dean

  2. Agree with Dean, the terrain looks great. I also had a little look at your War Room and painting desk, superb setup and very neat and tidy.


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