Sunday, June 10, 2012

Der Feldmarschall Returns!

You can't keep a great mustache down for long!

At last a new post!  I know you all were waiting for this day to arrive with bated breath.  No boring details, but lets just say I'm a creature of habit on the Internet, so once I was knocked off my horse (computer died) it seemed hard to get back on.  You just get busy with other things I guess.  Plus, I'll have to figure out all the new changes to blogger...

Anyway, the blog is back armed with a new computer (well, new to me anyway), so you could see the return of other stuff (hint, hint) as well.  Hobby-wise I have not been completely idle.  Picked up a few new rule sets and army books, I've been slowly building up minis for my Napoleonic and Seven Years War projects, and have been assembling/converting the rest of My Imperial Guard Mordian force to be ready for the release of the 6th edition of Warhammer 40k.

 A couple of recent eBay purchases to help inspire my 1813 Prussians.

 The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game also came out with a new batch of supplements covering all the antagonists of Middle Earth, and I actually got in couple of games with my dwarves lately.  I hope to cover this as well as the other stuff in future posts.

One of the main things I've been working on is my game room.  As I mentioned in My New Year's post as well as my original post featuring my War Room I hoped to get a game table set up again along with a new painting area.  After a bit a rearranging, reorganizing, and some additions, here are a few pictures of the results.

The tidy version.

A convenient and timely purchase from my neighbor gained me two great work tables and some nice office chairs for the War Room.  Quite different from my original concept I had planned, my new hobby/work space came together very nicely.  The best thing is not only the natural light from the window, but that this one looks out to grass, trees, and a family of ground squirrels :-), not concrete and cars.

The slightly untidy version.

My old large cutting mat became horribly warped, so in time I hope to replace it and make the table on the right my assembly area with the left dedicated to painting.  Right now I'm using an old GW paint station to contain my assembly projects so I can quickly use that side for other purposes if need be.

The beer lights definitively create a nice effect at night, and the presence of all the little vintage Playmobil Cavalry guys will be explained at a later date.  Suffice it to say some of them were my first toy soldiers.  :-)  The webcam on top of the monitor is a very recent addition which I tested out only last night.  Although the potential is there for other things blog related, I'm really hoping to use Google+ hangouts to connect with some of my local gaming friends while we hobby.  Should be tons of fun and certainly a great motivator.

With the removal of my computer desk from the War Room I was able to squeeze in a few more prints that where sitting in storage with only about 2-3 still left out.  Someday I'll have a large basement/house again, but for now I have to make the best with only one room.

As I mentioned above I was able to get a great deal on some chairs, and I have five in all.  Two is enough for everyday, but it's nice having a few extra in the garage in case three+ friends show up for a larger game.

For right now the terrain is pretty basic, with a grass mat and some stuff I did way back in 2003 for my WAB Viking battles.  It's just nice to be able to game at home again, but hopefully I'll get the battle board painted up along with some new terrain to match.  The closet still needs to be organized with the rest of my terrain and stuff stored out in the garage.

Lighting is one of the main problems with this room which also makes it difficult to take decent pictures.  Either too much glare or too dark.  With no ceiling fixture, I have had two halogen torch floor lamps in either corner in the past  They were plenty bright, but also were plenty hot.  That's OK during the Minnesota winter, but not fun for gaming in the summer.  I grabbed four cheap lamps from Walmart yesterday that use florescent bulbs.  Not as bright as the old lamps, but a whole lot more comfortable.

Mmmmm...  logistics.

Finally, a game room is only as good as the "gaming supplies" you have stocked in the fridge.  Playing your own music is also a bonus.  Although it's nice to see everybody down at the shop, nothing beats having having a buddy or two over and gaming in the comfort of your own home.

That's it for now, but it's nice to be back on the blogosphere!



  1. Welcome back to the Blogosphere - we missed you!

    Great to see you haven't squandered the time off. In fact, you have probably been more productive without the distractions! The new digs look superb and put my own messy hovel to shame (as much as I love it!). Inspiring surrounds to paint and game to for certain.

    And good to see you havent been ignoring logistics - truly a key enabler of all modern warfare! :-)

  2. Hello Jason,

    I'm really pleased to read some more by you. Your War Room is really enviable.

    However I'm looking foward to more news here!


  3. Welcome back! :-D
    I know what you mean about PC blew up a couple of weeks ago. Not only did my range of interest change (for a short while) but I noticed how much time I spend on the web!!!

  4. How wonderful to have you back Sir! I must say that I’m hugely envious of the new set up; perfect for sitting back and enjoying some of those nicely chilled supplies!

  5. Thanks guys! I really need to get back to commenting on your great blogs as well.

    I'm really enjoying the new desk setup especially. Hopefully both translate into more painted minis and battles to share on the ole blog. I did get a couple of games in already that I'll share later in the week.

    Monty - I got your comment in my inbox, but it never showed up on the blog. Don't know what happened, but thanks for stopping by anyway.


  6. 'Gordons Alive!'

    Good to see you back, and with suitably stocked supplies. Not too bad a set up for the War Room right enough.

    Look forward to your forth coming poats.

    1. Nice! Flash Gordon quotes are always popular around the gaming table. :-)

  7. Prussians.
    That is not necessary, that is not necessary. They're Prussians, but as far as the army's concerned, they're on the moon.
    The Prussians are in the woods! Blucher is in the woods!
    I made one mistake in my life; I should have burned Berlin.

    1. LOL Classic Waterloo quotes, I love it! Too bad I can't use these with my current local gaming buds. :-/

  8. Welcome back!!!!!! Now that's what I call a Mancave!!!! Your a lucky chap, love the logistics section as well!!!

  9. Welcome back to your blog & the net. I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and sent you a PM off La Bricole to say hello as a fellow Twin Cities 28mm Napoleonics enthusiast but it may have gotten lost in the bitbucket. I'm slowly building some 28mm Russians and am looking for other gamers in the area with similar interests... there's not many of them. Cheers!

    1. Great to hear there's a friend of Kutuzov in the area! :)

      Unfortunately I had a number of computer problems earlier in the year and the old one finally gave up the ghost around the end of March. It took me awhile to climb out of the Black Hole, and I'm sorry I missed your PM in the shuffle.

      I'll try to send you a longer note tonight, see if I can track down your message, and hopefully get the chance to check out your blog as well.


  10. Great war room and great blog! My war room is pretty small but over the fall/winter, I hope to expand.

    Do you ever game down at the Source or ReCon? A few of my friends and I are working up our first Maurice armies in 15mm. For us, its a big deal because its the first time we've left the ancient/medieval era. I'll be back. Lots to read here!

    1. Hey Monty, welcome to the blog. Sorry, no on both the Source and ReCon. Phoenix and Tower Games is where I've usually gamed in the past and have not been to a ReCon yet.

      I've got Maurice as well, but since I haven't dove into my 28mm SYW projects yet, it's sitting on the shelf for now. I plan on using the Black Powder LAOK supplement, but would like to incorporate some stuff from Maurice to add a little spice. Maybe even try my hand at a little ImagiNation in the future. :)

  11. Feld:

    I realize we are in two completely different gaming worlds but I'm thinking about putting a toe in the water on FOW. Can I hit you with a question or two via email?

    My email is in my profile. I'd appreciate it.


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