Wednesday, January 4, 2012

March Attack rules & Crusader Miniatures

First off, I wanted to share this bit of news from the Crusader Publishing site posted on January 2nd:

 Free March Attack Rules for Bloggers

"For the next couple of weeks I am giving away PDF copies of the March Attack rules to anyone that runs a blog. Simply drop me an email at Crusader Publishing with a link to your blog and I'll email you a download link to the rules. I tend to send out free printed copies for review with magazines and thought it may be a nice idea to do the same for web sites.

I know that when I look at buying a new game I tend to search around for examples of games, descriptions and battle reports rather than read the 'official' blurb. So, no strings attached, if you see them and they are not your kind of thing, don't play Napoleonic much or just already have a set that you are happy with that's fine. If you give them a go and like them that's a bonus, if you just want to read and write a review - good or bad - I'm happy with that too

I really haven't had the chance to look them over, so I'll hold off further thoughts for now.  At first glance they appear to written for 15mm Napoleonic battles which is a scale I no longer play.  They also look well laid out and organized with a high production quality.  I think it is a nice idea by Mark Sims to give out a "sample" of his gaming rules, especially for some of us that have no local shops that stock his publications.

We can see pictures of his miniatures on the web before we buy them, but it's sometimes harder to invest in a rule book by just seeing its cover and a brief description.  Anyway, I figured some of you 15-18mm guys out there might find this info useful.

During my brief correspondence with Mark, he also confirmed that he plans to start working on his Seven Year's War miniature range again later this year.  Although he did also mention they would come in the second half of the year and anything six months out is really still up in the air at this point.

Either way, a return to this range sometime in the future is welcome news.  I'm still deciding wither to jump into a SYW or Napoleonic 28mm project first, but I will be using Crusader and Wargames Foundry minis for my SYW armies when I do.


  1. Whilst I'm sorry at the demise of the 'week in military history' I can fully understand you reasoning. Like you I seem not able to post or comment at work and the time it takes just to catch up on new posts can be quite daunting.

  2. I still don't really want to quit, but I think in couple of weeks I'll start to fully realize it was the best decision given my current circumstances. :(

  3. I visit for the posts....whatever they may be.....keep it coming my friend.

  4. I too can understand and am sorry to see them go. All the best for 2012.

  5. As you know I love the "This Week" section, but I can find that in other places. Nowhere else posts your work or your thoughts so I'd rather have that any day!

    Thanks for the gem with March Attack, I've sent Mark an email

  6. Thanks guys! I suppose I can now openly admit that with having so many regular visitors from Australia and New Zealand, I did go out of my way to find relevant military history stuff to post for you guys. The Anglo-American stuff is pretty easy to find.

    Maybe someday if I can keep the prep to no more than an hour or so, these posts might return.

  7. Your 'week in military history' blogs were always interesting but I can see that a lot of work went into them. The March Attack link was great thanks, I'll be sending an email too. Best wishes

  8. That's a shame, I enjoyed the "This week in History" section, but I can totally understand your reasons. Thanks for the March attack rules info, I'll be sending an email post haste!!

  9. Finished making the Eldar list 2000 pts. Now time to finish painting it!


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