Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catching Up & New Stuff

Before we get to the new stuff, I just wanted to mention that I've been out of the loop for a bit here in January.  Being sick, busy real life stuff, and computer problems have all conspired to keep me off the Blogosphere for the most part.  So don't be surprised if a few retro comments from me pop up on your blogs as I make an effort to catch up in the next few days.

First new arrival this month that I wanted to share is the fairly new Waterloo rules from Warhammer Historical.  As a little Christmas gift to myself in mid-December, I took advantage of the 50% off sale they had before it ended.  It took awhile to get here, but the wait made this magnificent looking rulebook even sweeter when it finally arrived this month.  I hope to share some pics and a little review of the book in the future, but for now I'll just say this is probably the best looking wargaming rulebook I've ever seen.  I'll stick with using Black Powder for playing Napoleonics, but I certainly hope to use this impressive tome to help generate some interest in the period with my local fellow gamers. :-)

This month also saw the release of a new army book for my Vampire Counts army for Warhammer.  Although I don't see playing Warhammer as often as I used to, this new book will definitely let me finally free my legions of darkness that have been locked up in their figure cases since the release of 8th Edition.  The new magic cards have been strategically placed in the picture above to cover up the single negative this I found so far about this new book...  that horrible excuse for a vampire they decided to slap on the cover.

Last, but certainly not least is a recent eBay purchase.  These days I mainly sell my extra gaming stuff on eBay, but I allowed myself to make a rare purchase when I spotted these guys above.  I used to have a nice little collection of Wargames Foundry American Civil War minis that I originally purchased to play the Brother Against Brother skirmish rules back in 2001 when I returned back home to Minnesota from the Army.  The local group that was playing stopped very abruptly only a short while after I purchased and started working on my force.  With much disappointment, I ended up selling them a few years later.

I was particularly fond of the cavalry models that just like my Cossacks have a foot and mounted version of each character.  These are no longer available as single packs and some are not available at all, so I was quite happy to have the chance to buy them again after all these years (and for a great deal too).  I don't know if I'll and up playing any ACW period games in the future, but I'll definitely enjoy painting up my little cavalry troop after they arrive.

That's all for now, see you around the Blogosphere!



  1. Welcome back mate, and some nice additions to your stash there!

  2. Welcome back! Nice looking stuff you've acquired. BTW, love that banner image of the 1812 Retreat. Best, Dean

  3. Glad to hear you're back and firing on all cylinders again. Looks like it's going to a busy start to the year. I keep looking at the Vampire Count goodies and thinking, my they look amazing.

  4. The Waterloo book sounds impressive and would be worth a read by most, those ACW are some of Foundry's greatest....

  5. You OK buddy? Haven't seen you about for awhile

    1. My home computer died, but I'll be coming back soon. Thanks for asking bud.


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