Friday, December 16, 2011

War Room & Painting Desk

Some of you may have noticed my "War Room" slideshow gallery in the margin before, but I figured it was time to write an actual post to share my stuff.  I definitely enjoy seeing the game rooms and painting setups of other wargaming bloggers, so hopefully you'll enjoy checking out my War Room as well.

Right now the set up is more of a studio and library.  I used to have a game table set up, and have been itching lately to get one going again.  This is going to take a bit of rearranging in the near future, mainly moving out some of the books/shelves and computer desk.  Maybe I'll throw up some new pics when dust settles.

When I was an officer in the Army, I had a bit more disposable cash than I do now.  I manged to build up quite a collection of military art prints (about 2/3 of my collection is shown in this room) and military history books.  Someday when I have a proper game room again (basement), I might have room for all my crap.

Next are some boring pics of my books.  The main reason I stuck these up is that I'm in the process of thinning out the collection and selling them on eBay, so it's a nice way of remembering them later.  At the time of this post I have at least 40 more to list, and if your curious you can check out my eBay store here.  I'll probably throw up another post when I've finished listing everything.

Here's are some shots of my painting desk and set up.  Although the set up inside the closet worked out better than I thought it would, I really enjoy painting by a window with natural light.  This is probably the main motivation to rearrange things right now.  This set up is nice and tidy, and you can close the doors if it isn't.  Still, I look forward to moving this stuff into another room so I can stare at snow banks this winter while I paint.  :-)

Finally, here's some shots of a previous game room from about 10 years ago I thought I'd share as well since it's the only other one I have digital pictures of.  The vaulted ceiling made this room a lot of fun.  Especially setting up the little display above the closet.

There you go.  My little corner of the wargaming world for now.  Like I said, I'll probably throw up some more photos when I get the new set up completed.  Maybe even get to do some home brewed batreps next year.  We'll see...


  1. Corner my arse, it's an amazing space, full of beautiful items but of more concern is that it's......tidy.

  2. Wow, that's one of the more impressive war/game rooms I've seen, and everything is so....neat.

  3. Impressive "man cave" - would love to peruse your displays and books. Best, Dean

  4. Very nice and tidy. I have a painting closet as well and quite like how it keeps me 'contained' - otherwise I have a tendency to spread out all over the room.

    Do I see the omnibus of Eisenhorn? Great series!

  5. Great!! It's my Dream!!! I want this room at home :)

  6. Pretty damn good little romper room you've got yourself there DF, and tidy too! Nice!

    Like your new header image on the blog BTW

  7. Good grief!!! what a fantastic room, I'm very jealous!!!

  8. Wow! Awesome setup. Far too tidy though!

  9. As I look around the chaos that is Awdry Towers at the moment I am nothing but jealous of this amazing set up! Oh yeas it is very tidy though!

  10. Thanks guys. Nothing wrong with tidy! :-)

    Of course it's not always so clean, but I try. Really depends on the stage a certain project is in, or if I'm sorting through stuff for eBay. (Another reason to get that computer out of there.)

    Hopefully I can get the new set up finished soon and have some more pics to share.


  11. Wow !!! Stunning wargaming room, lucky you.

    Best regards dalauppror

  12. Tidy is good if you can keep it that way... Too much work for me. Great room BTW!

  13. A wonderful, beautiful room with some great memories and memorabilia. My Man Cave is more a hybrid workshop/gaming room than a study like yours.

  14. You're a licky man...

    What a great war room, library whatever...

    Jealous Monty


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