Friday, December 23, 2011

War Horse - Movie Trailer

Just came across this World War I era flick, War Horse, coming out in January (Not a year from now ;-) ).  Usually War Movie + Steven Spielberg directing equals good things, so we'll see.  Being a big cavalry fan, it's also nice to see a story dedicated to Man's silent but loyal partner on the battlefield for thousands of years:  the horse.  

My only misgiving at this point is the fact that many people get way more emotionally moved and upset when something tragic happens to an animal than when the same happens to their fellow man.  This blog however is not the place to wax on about such things. Instead I hope you enjoy the trailer of what looks to be a promising movie.  :-)



  1. This does look like a fantastic film, check out the link below, they're pictures from the stage play The War Horse. There are men inside the horse!

  2. It's funny... I did see those pics when I did the Google image search for the movie poster. I thought it was crazy new age artsy type thing. :-)

  3. It certainly promises to be a wonderful film, I have no doubt that it will have a fair degree of 'cheese' factor but as a rule Spielberg manages to keep this in check. The stage play is, by all accounts, superb. The puppet masters still the show.


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