Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First Six Months, Milestones, and New Title Feature

The Hall of Field Marshals in Russia.

Monday marked the first six months of my blog.  Funny how I started this blogging stuff on Father's Day (6/19) and Monday was my Father's birthday (12/19).  I'm not much into celebrating milestones, but someone mentioned recently that I had passed a few for the blogosphere.  Apparently in under six months I manged to post over 100 times, gain 50+ followers, and have over 20,000 visits on Der Feldmarschall.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by, those that choose to actually follow, and especially to those that took the time to leave some comments on my posts.  I appreciate the support and the interaction with my fellow wargaming bloggers.  A special mention to Paul of the Man Cave who was the first to stumble onto my blog and welcome me to the blogosphere on my very first post.  Also to Ray (Don't Throw a 1) and Fran (The Angry Lurker) who seem to be everywhere supporting so many blogs.

As mentioned in my first post, I created this blog to help me enjoy my own wargaming hobby and share my stuff with those who cared to look.  Although the blog has attracted little interest from local gamers or even mysteriously few comments from Americans, the support from abroad has been great.  Especially from Australia closely followed by the UK.  Much of the fun has been visiting your blogs as well, and being inspired by your local clubs.

Although the blog has marched along nicely, my main regret is the lack of painting and other projects I've been able to work on the last few months.  It's always nice to have something your visitors can actually follow instead of posts about random stuff.  I'm looking forward to getting back to working on the Mordians and LOTR Dwarves that I started the blog with, and hoping to actually start a few historical projects (SYW, Napoleonic, Victorian) in the new year.

Although this post doesn't contain my typical picture to word ratio, I hope to make up for it with launching a new blog feature.  As you can probably tell by pics of my War Room and weekly Military History posts, that I like military art.  A lot.  I see my blog title as another opportunity to showcase some of the inspirational works that I've manages to capture on my hard-drive.  Until now I've been switching things up every few weeks, but now a new title pic will appear randomly every time the page reloads.

Although I probably shouldn't admit all this, but I've been working on my title project little by little for about three months now.  Right now there's over 250 possible titles with a few fantasy and sci-fi surprises thrown in.  So if you end up with a Star Wars or Dune title, you can pretend you've won something.  ;-)

Thanks again everyone for stopping by Der Feldmarschall and all the support.  I look forward to blogging with you for years to come!

All the best,


  1. Cheers,Jason! It's been an entertaining first 6 months. Looking forward to more.

  2. I apologise for missing this and I blame blogger, thank you and I watched the Hobbit trailer through misty eyes....

  3. Thanks guys! Every once in awhile there are posts that seem to fly under everyone's radar. It's weird. Felt a little silly thanking everyone for their support and nobody but Rosbif showed up... Ha!

  4. Congrats! Great blog so far, and lovin all the new title pics.

  5. Missed this one myself. I'm not one to leave a lot of comments, but I will say you have a very nice blog going here. Congrats on the milestones!

  6. Apologies I seem to have missed the post as well!! Thanks for the link back, you've got a great blog, that's why we all keep coming back. And your right, a blog is an excellent extension to this mad hobby of ours!! Well done on your first six months, I'm sure in the next six, you'll more than double this achievement!!!

  7. Thanks again for the kind words. Having a blog really does add to the enjoyment of the hobby. The only negative aspect for me so far is the antique I use for a computer. This thing sometimes make crafting a post a real chore! :(

  8. A pleasure indeed! Love what you've done since such humble beginnings and I look forward to more visits in 2012 :-D


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