Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Witchfinder General: Days of Revelation

Prime your pan- for there is evil abroad this night

From the manufacturer's website:

Witchfinder General: Days of Revelation is set during the period of the 17th Century leading up to the English Civil Wars  Courageous Witchfinders battle against the many vile abominations that plague a once green and pleasant land.  Clandestine vampire factions, aided by their loyal Guardsmen  of Blind Obedience, secretly strive to gain ultimate power over a deceived nation. Cruel  barguests create fear and mayhem across town and country. Evil witchcraft is rife; vicious werewolves savage the innocent and crazed noctelinger hunt in the shadows.

This exciting new  wargame rule book contains 108 A4 sized pages of furious wargaming fun.  The game is inspired by folklore, myth and the propaganda pamphlets produced by all sides involved in the English Civil Wars. Witchfinder General: Days of Revelation provides background and rules for using: Witchfinders; Angry Villagers; Clubmen; Pikemen; Musketeers; Dragoons; Cavalry; Vampires; Werewolves; Witches; Noctelinger and Barguests.

I initially found this new set of rules on the Warlord Games website.  It was released on the 31st of October.  Perhaps a little late for spooky Halloween games, but with Thanksgiving right around the corner, not too late for Puritans in funny hats.

According to Warlord Games, the rules are designed for two players (or sides) using bands of 28mm models and are inspired by myth, legend, historical events and classic horror movies.  They obviously fit in well with their extensive English Civil War range of miniatures.  Might provide an excuse to paint up a box or blister without diving into a whole ECW army project.

Although a good amount of info about the game can be found on the manufacturer's site, pics of a few sample pages would be nice.  Honestly it would be nice to flip though the book first instead of blindly ordering it from across the pond.  Sadly that's not possible with many rulesets these days as the local shops seem to want to avoid taking the chance on stocking new books when there already tons of older ones collecting dust on their shelves.

I haven't had to chance to post a battle report yet from my Halloween game this year, but the skirmish rules I mentioned earlier from GW's Lord of the Rings game worked out very well and have tons of potential to explore as well as pulling ideas from the historical versions of the game: Legends of the Old West and Legends of the High Seas  Still, I'm interested in hearing more about Witchfinder General and everything it has to offer.  Definitely something to check out!

Oh yeah,...   Bonus video!

Enjoy!  :-)


  1. The rules and genre sound good and a good way of not paying either.

  2. Good stuff. I'm also curious about that rule set but not sure I want to drop the money. Witch Hunters, pilgrims, it's all black hat to me! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh I wish I hadn't seen this! Right up my street, must resist, much resist!

  4. Oh just give into the temptation, it's not like it will get you burnt at the stake or something...

  5. I had a look at this rule set at Warfare last weekend as I went with the intention of buying them. Overall the rules themselves look good, but the book had the air of a pretty amateurish production with lots of widely spaced text to fill out the pages and make the book thicker. So a good idea, but not worth the £15 :-(

  6. Thanks for the info!

    Pretty much what I feared. Looks like it has some potential, but without the luxury of looking at the book prior to making the decision to purchase it nor not, it's bit of a gamble for me. And International shipping cost make it even more so.

    Having a PDF version available would be perfect.

  7. Hello Springinsfeld

    I am sorry that you did not like the look of the book. Each to their own. The layout of the 108 pages is designed to make the rules easy to read and not "make the book thicker". I have found that not everyone can read a size 8 font with ease. Especially wargamers that have enjoyed 30+ years of our grand hobby.


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