Monday, October 24, 2011

Von Carstein Army - Grave Guard

On the heels of my Armored Skeletons units, comes my 30 pack of Grave Guard.  My von Carstein army traditionally has a strong Blood Red and Shadow Grey color scheme throughout the entire army.  With painting the Grave Guard I tried to inject some "regal" into the force by using purple for the first time since my 3rd Edition Undead.

After painstakingly blending layer after layer on their robes, etc. (without any washes) I thought the unit had turned out excellent.  When I took them down to the shop for the first time and fielded them with the rest of my army they became a beacon of purple amidst a very dark force.  Despite my best efforts they still turned out too bright.

My friend Eric suggested "lots" of black washes to darken them up, and these pictures show the results.  A bit saddened that all that time working on the highlighting was somewhat wasted, but I've been assured they look much better now.  Always weird working with a color that you haven't used in a while...

This unit is finished except for the bit of ornamentation yet to go on the banners right below the balefire torch.  Instead of the cords and tassels like on the armored skeleton units, I'm going to add gold chain attached to chunks of warpstone flowing in the breeze.

The banner itself keeps the same basic design as the skeleton banners, but inverts the colors.  My Black Knights banner will be dark purple.  Other less fancy skelies and "Evil Cossack" militia (you'll have to wait and see ;-) ) will get a more simple white "C" on a plain black field.  Kind of like Prussian Landwehr I guess.

Again, I wasn't satisfied with the command models, and big spiky helmets are almost as bad as bat wings.  Some little conversions (helmet fur and wolf icons), and in the case of the champion, I created a whole new model from a couple of very old ones.  Again, just like the armored skeleton champs, this guy can totally be used as a Wight King.  Already has the crown and everything...  Mace may be a bit big though.  ;-)

Finally, here's a shot of my troops in action.  Out murdering the soldiers of the Empire...

Sorry for the pics being a little fuzzy.  They just haven't been turning out as sharp lately, and my camera has problems with the bright whites for some reason.  :(


  1. Great painting and wonderful looking flags.

  2. Great looking unit and that flag is excellent.

  3. More undead grooviness. J'approve.

  4. The purple works well within the Black and reds of your force. Don't make the mace smaller- remember it's Warhammer!


  5. !!!!WOW!!! I like them!!!
    You have a new look to the blog...I seem to remember Erwin being on the right of the screen and the heading pic is definately new ...(or am I just getting too old and it was always like this ? :-D)

  6. Thanks guys!

    @Paul lol Well, I switch the header pic about every month and just changed again it for Halloween (4th switch since June anyway). I started doing 2 side columns instead of 1 around the 21st of September.

    You were probably paying attention to the important stuff... the posts themselves. :-)

    Either way, I hope you enjoy the layout!



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