Sunday, September 4, 2011

Viking Sagas, Part 3: The Director's Cuts

After digging around my hard-drive and through my old CD's, I unfortunately couldn't find any more pictures of my past epic Viking battles.  Lost long ago through computer crashes and other things I guess.  It would have been fun to tell a few more stories, but got to move on.

These pics weren't actually cut from the first two Sagas posts, just ones that Eric sent me a little too late to be included.  Probably more of a Swan Song than a Director's Cut.  I think they're a little bit better than the ones I took, so I figured I'd share them with everyone else.  Plus, I like posting things on my blog that I enjoy going back and looking at as well.  :-)

These pics also nice look back at some memories from the old Phoenix Games that used to be in Minneapolis, and the quiet after hours games that are sadly a thing of the past now.  Even my Viking army is gone now after being sacrificed on eBay earlier this Summer.  Although it had to be done, I very much regret it now.

Maybe someday I'll paint up some Vikings again for playing skirmish battles or even an army for Hail Caesar.  The Wargames Foundry minis I had were OK, but I'd rather have some better quality figs realistically scaled like the Warlord Games' ancients line.  I was hopeful when Wargames Factory and Gripping Beast came out with plastic boxed sets, but after seeing them up close I was left uninspired.

The Dark Ages is definitely a great period to play especially the skirmish level stuff, but for now anyway that ship has sailed.

Viking Sagas, Part 1 can be found here, and Part 2 here.


  1. Lovely - the Director's Cut is usually my favourite version!

  2. Very nice looking game. Very cool terrain. I to am uninspired by the Wargames Factory figures but I don't mind the Gripping Beast plastics.

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah, GB is the better of the two. They're still a little too bulky for what I'm looking for, but I like that they are posed so you can make your units into shieldwalls.

    Although I've seen them in person myself, here's a great review of both plastic sets if anyone is interested:

  4. Great photo's, shame the figures were sacrificed to the Ebay Gods!

  5. That is a lovely set up, as Ray said..pity they are "sacrificed"

  6. Great looking stuff! Too bad there won't be more. :(


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