Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inspired artwork from The Hobbit and other cool stuff

"The Battle of Five Armies"

If you want to see some spectacular artwork inspired by The Hobbit among other things, look no farther than Justin Gerard and his blog and gallery at: Quick, hide here.  The inspiring scene above depicts the point in the Battle of Five Armies when Beorn enters the fray and rescues the mortally wounded body of Thorin Oakenshield from the Goblin host.  Great stuff, but there's more than just that...

"There He Lay"

Of course Justin doesn't stop with just one magnificent piece, he hits a few more of those iconic moments we all know and love from The Hobbit.  There's the awesome scene above of Bilbo encountering Smaug in "There He Lay", as well as "The Three Trolls", "The Great Goblin", and "Riddles in the Dark" with Gollum shown below.

Obviously there are even more great scenes from The Hobbit than just these.  Maybe someday this talented artist will tackle other moments like reading the moon letters at Rivendell, the spiders and elves in Mirkwood, or the house of Beorn just to name a few.

"A Map of the Mountain"

"A Map of the Mountain" is definitely one of my favorites of Justin Gerard's works.  Mostly because ever since reading The Hobbit, this is always were any great fantasy adventure begins (according to my imagination anyway).  With the group gathered around a table in a dark room pouring over a map and maybe a few helpful items planning out the dire journey before them.  Plus I love the Nordic dwarves and Gandalf!

"Lancelot du Lac"

Justin's talents are not just limited to The Hobbit.  His blog includes many other works inspired by a variety of subjects such as:  Beowulf, King Arthur and his Knights, St. George and the Dragon, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Where the Wild Things Are, The Reluctant Dragon. Portrait of a Monster, and a steampunk version of the Wizard of Oz.  Lots of amazing stuff to check out.


  1. Very cool indeed. Art like that got me into DnD waaaaaay back when!

  2. Great pictures, love the Smaug pic, looking forward to the film, when it comes out!!

  3. Mind-blowing work. "There he lay" and "A map of the mountain are astounding.

  4. Wow! Thanks for posting. This stuff is sweet!


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