Saturday, July 30, 2011

Legendary Battles: Vampires vs Vampires

Bat Boy vs Mannfred

Since this blog is fairly new, I thought I'd sprinkle in a few epic moments (for me anyway) from my wargaming past.  At least those I have digital pictures of.

First up, is a Warhammer clash of vampiric titans.  My von Carstein Vampire Counts army vs my friend Eric's Strigoi horde of death.  Not really a battle report per se, but a chance to show off some pics of cool minis, terrain, and good times with friends

Terrain-wise, the battle featured two Autumn themed boards, and some great looking buildings including some from our Mordheim collection.  The awesome Wizard's Mansion and spooky Windmill (among other things) were created by Eric.

As far as I can remember, the armies were at least 3000 point in size.  Both armies have gone through quite a few upgrades (new minis, banners, basing, movement trays, etc.) since, but still look great in these pics.

Spotted along the battle lines is none other than Count Mannfred von Carstein himself.  This was the first time (and last time I believe) that I brought the big guy, but as this battle was being played on my birthday I thought maybe the occasion was "special" enough.  :)

Also notice in the picture the circled Code Red.  Remember kids, no late night vampire battle is complete without it!

On the other side we see Bat Boy rising out of the Pumpkin Patch.  Good thing we only get to see his back.  That guy is one ugly MF!  (Poor Linus!)  For a clue on how long ago this battle was fought, check out the ghoul formations.  Skirmish?  What the?!

The power is turned "ON," the table starts to shake, the pieces start moving, and battle is joined!  The dead clash everywhere.  Complete with epic movie soundtracks and birthday cupcakes.

Instead of staying back a using his dominating magic skillz, Mannfred bravely (foolishly) charges in with his Black Knights and soon find himself alone and surrounded by very unfriendly monsters.  Bat Boy and Bat Mom  Bat Cow  Bat Girl (whatever) close in for the kill and murderize poor Manny.

Not only did Bat Boy and Company take out the Count of Sylvania, this was also the first time Eric beat my VC army.  Bad time to take the night off from brooding in Castle Drakenhof I guess.

Good times!  :)


  1. That WAS a good game. Now looking at the army composition I laugh as what would packs of wolves do this day... hah.

    That terrain looks new, sigh. Such a long time ago.

    Like you said- good times.

  2. That's some crazy awesome terrain you guys are playing on! Everything looks sweet!


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