Monday, July 4, 2011

The Army of Erebor - Dwarf Warriors

Last Summer a number of us local gamers decided to try out GW's Lord of the Rings mass battle miniatures game:  War of the Ring.  What we found was not only an excellent set of rules, but a nice excuse to paint up figs from GW's great LOTR's miniature line sculpted mostly by the Perry Brothers.  Unfortunately after only a couple of months, this effort became overshadowed by the release of Warhammer 8th edition, and only of few of us stuck it out to work on finishing our armies.

An Army of Dwarves from the Lonely Mountain was always my first choice.  I've always liked the look of Norse/Tolkien Dwarves, opposed to way they are represented in Warhammer Fantasy.  This is an enjoyable army to work on, and I am pleased with the muted but colorful Dark Age scheme I used.  

First up on the blog is my Dwarf Warrior Kinband with two-handed axes.  Although these guys were painted last Summer, their bases and movement trays just got spruced up with The Army Painter's Highland Tufts.

Other than the normal command models, I use the Dwarven King minis for Shieldbearers in my units.  I think they represent a Dwarf Veteran nicely and are a lot better than the actual Shieldbearer model in my opinion.

Although three companies is more then enough for Dwarves, I might add a forth to the unit in the future.  I probably need to get around to converting a Hornblower model as well.  Well, at least have a Dwarf carrying a horn anyway.  :)

Next up will be my Dwarf Warriors with shields.

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  1. With every step Ronald McDonald took, he produced a fantasy dwarf. It is pretty sad to compare these to the fantasy dwarves. These guys just look right proportionally- especially their weapons. Night and day if you ask me.

    Good work.


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