Friday, July 8, 2011

The Army of Erebor - More Dwarf Warriors & Murin

Another unit of Dwarves from my War of the Ring army.  This time with shields!  Again, these were just updated with The Army Painter's Highland Tufts.  I've thought about putting on a little leaf litter, but for now I'm leaving it off as the bases/movement trays look fine already.

Again, the same deal as before with the command models.  Using the Dwaf King models definitely adds a little character to the units as well as providing an opportunity to use the whole miniature line.

The shields on these guys really gives the unit a striking element that makes the whole army look better on the table top.  I'd like to do another unit, but the way the Dwarf Warrior boxed set is organized makes it a bit of a pain to do.  We'll see.

Murin is the first named character I painted up for this army, and he's definitely one of my favorite minis of the Dwarf LotR's line.  I love that helmet and shield, and the great mustache too. :)

Murin is pretty inexpensive way for including a named character in smaller games. His Legendary Formation however is quite useful no matter how big the army is.  Fielding Murin's Guard with their ability to "Lock Shields" will bring the bad guys attack to screeching halt in a hurry.  Defence "10" is no joke.


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