Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Mordian Iron Guard - First recruits

Decided to get back into 40k after a long hiatus.  I guess I sort of lost interest around 3rd Edition, and coupled with the fact that most of my gaming friends tend to play Warhammer Fantasy, I had a bunch of old school Mordians and Steel Legion figs kicking around with me since the '90s.
I'm pretty excited to get going with 5th Ed., but before any of that was going to happen I had to come up with a color scheme that would save my OOP minis from getting sacrificed on eBay.  The Steel Legion didn't make the cut, and now they're gone, but I'm pretty pleased how my initial 5 Mordians turned out.

Although I've always dug the miniatures for the Mordians, most color schemes I've seen made them look kind of goofy.  Bright colors are OK, but you have to make them work for you too.  I decided to go for a more natural desert scheme and kept red as an accent color.

There's an old Citadel Journal interview with the Perry Brothers were they explain the Mordians are inspired by 1870s Prussians.   Certainly a favorite historical period of mine, so I plan to follow suit with some of my ideas and conversions.  Also sprinkled in will be a little Afrika Korps, Atreides soldiers on Dune, and typical Imperium stuff.  At the same time I want to avoid being another "Germans in Space!" 40k army.  (I think I'm too late though.)  :-)

Next up, other than completing that first squad, will be my first IG vehicle.  I'll paint up a Chimera and hopefully nail down a process to paint the rest of my IG vehicles.  Tanks, etc. are something I have not done in a long time, so I'm pretty excited and nervous about knocking one out with all the weathering effects and everything.

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