Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Mordian Iron Guard - Character Development

Always on the look out to add a little character to my army's theme, I spotted these German Shepherd models from Dragon Models for my Modian Imperial Guard.  They are part of their 1:35 Can.Do Pocket Army collection.  They seemed a little small for 1:35, but look perfect with 28mm minis.

I plan to use them as Bodyguards in the Company Command Squad, especially if I have an extra 30 points.  This Commissar model is one of my favorites, but I don't plan to use a Commissar in my list most of the time.  So I've decided convert him up a bit and use him as one of my Commander models so he gets fielded more often.

The only questions I have for you, dear reader, is what to name the dogs, and should I give the Commander a mustache?  :-)

With the current GW model, I wasn't too keen on fielding a Primaris Psyker in my army.  However, I managed to obtain a second OOP Necromunda Telepath mini (The first one is a Necromancer/Vampire for my Warhammer Vampire Counts Army).

Another great looking model full of character that will look great on the battlefield and fit in nicely with the Mordians.  Now all I have to do is find something to replace the gigantic 1930s public address system on top of his staff.

Finally here's an older model I've had kicking around in the bits box for awhile:  the 1998 Gamesday Female Commissar miniature.  I'm not quite sure what I'm going to use her for yet.  Maybe a CCS staff member?  Maybe as an objective marker representing the Regimental Colonel's mistress or daughter?  Not sure.  Although I am sure she is going to lose those 80s style shoulder pads.  :-)

Still looking for the Postman to deliver my stuff from Forge World that I was hoping to work on and post some pictures of this weekend.  I just hope that they didn't route the package through Canada.  :-)


  1. I say name the Dogs: Leman and Russ :)

    As for the female commisar:

  2. Love the dogs. Those are a perfect size. The Sister is pretty sweet too.

  3. @JVo

    I see you've retained your naming skills from the Warbringer campaigns... ;)

    @Witch Hunter

    Really? I always thought the female commissar mini looked kind of goofy. I imagined putting a suitcase in her left hand and a cellphone in the right and making a "Pick me up!" objective marker out of her. Many a mistress or working girl got smuggled along on campaign by throwing on some kind of uni. :)

  4. Vlad and Isabella von Carstein :D

  5. I love the idea of using the commissar as a commander. I may steal that from you. He is one of my favorite models. Definitely give him a moustache.

  6. @JVo

    lol :)


    Thanks. Yeah, I LOVE that commissar mini and certainly want to field him as much as possible, and I think he makes a great Mordian commander. I'm leaning heavily towards the 'stache myself. :)

    I do plan on converting Yarrick mini into a Field Marshal type to command my force in really big games, but I think this guy is perfect for games 2000 points and below.


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