Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gallipoli Battlefield Terrain Board

I found this video of an amazing terrain board diorama of the Gallipoli battlefield over at Dampf's Modeling Page who in turn came across this video from RHQ - TV somewhere else.  This was a table at Salute 2011 created by Dave Bodley from Grand Manner and sponsored by Wargames Illustrated.  Not trying to steal anyone's thunder here, but I thought I'd post it more for the local guys that normally wouldn't come across it otherwise.

Inspirational stuff like this always gets my wargaming hobby juices going. This would be an epic historical scenario to play out, but since I'm currently working on my 40k Imperial Guard, there's obviously a ton of ideas you can pull from this for many other games/projects as well.  Great stuff! :-)

Anyways, enjoy!

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  1. Didn't see this before, amazing terrain for sure! Thanks for posting!


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